Christ Church

Marlboro, New York

Christ Church is a mainstream Episcopal church, located in the hamlet of Marlboro, New York. As with any Episcopal church, all are welcome to attend our services. A Holy Eucharist is held on Sunday, starting at 9:00 AM. Sunday school (except in the summer) starts a few minutes earlier.

Our priest is Brother Robert Pierson ("Brother Bob"), of The Order of The Holy Cross. His telephone number is 845-332-7297. The telephone number for senior suppers is 845-236-2600 (leave a message). The web site you are viewing is Christ Church is affiliated with the Episcopal Diocese of New York and our bishop is the Rt. Rev. Andrew Dietsche.

Christ Church is easy to find in the hamlet of Marlboro. Click here for a map.

Basic beliefs

While general Christian beliefs are a key factor, Episcopalians often differ on details. The Episcopal church is inclusive and welcomes many shades of Christian beliefs. Our most basic understandings, at Christ Church, are as follows:

In summary, we are a small, family centered farming community church who strives to offer a caring, supportive religious experience to our congregation, our town, and surrounding communities. Who offers breaking of bread in God's presence in an inspiring, compassionate environment. Who's parish core values are evident in our fellowship and missions; to offer comfort and peace, friendship and laughter, personal and spiritual growth.

The current officers and calendar may be found here.

A brief historical sketch may be found here.

Some background and history for Christ Church

Christ Church is located at the intersection of Old Post Road, South Road, and Route 9W in the hamlet of Marlboro. (Route 9W is, in effect, a newer version of the Post Road.) The setting consists of the church itself, the rectory ("Parsonage"), and a cemetery. The church is set at an angle to the intersecting roads such that the building is on an east-west axis, with the altar and sanctuary at the eastern end. The property is raised above the Hudson River level and, were it not for a substantial forested section, would overlook the river. Much of the mid-Hudson region was largely deforested in the 1800s and the church would have possessed a wonderful view of the river and the Dutchess County shore under these conditions. (The western shore of the mid-Hudson area often rises quite abruptly whereas the eastern shore has a milder rise, providing pleasing views from the western highlands.) The area of the church and rectory is roughly level. The cemetery lies behind the church (toward the river) and begins the slope down to the river. At the foot of the cemetery (nearest the river) a steep drop goes down to the river level and the single railway track that hugs the western shore of the Hudson River.

The church is on the state and national register of historic places.

The Episcopal Church clergy consists of Bishops, Priests, and Deacons. Here is our priest (Br. Bob, on the right), and our Suffragan Bishop (The Rt. Rev. Allan Shin, on the left).

We tend to enjoy our coffee hour after every Sunday service