Christ Church - Marlboro, NY

Officers - 2019

Priest-in-Charge: Br. Bob Pierson, OHC
Deacon: The Rev. Teri Jones
Music Director: Renee Borchert
Sunday School Coordinator: Erin Gephard
Wardens: Bill Borchert, Dan Barton
Vestry: Chris Egan, Paul Segnit, Jonathan Tartell, Ralph Diaz, Donna Calabrese
Administrator: Erin Gephard
Lectors & Prayers: Marilyn Fino
Coffee Hour Coordinator: Marilyn Fino
Altar Care: Martha McMullen, Bill Ogden, Jonathan Tartell


In addition to the normal Sunday Service (9:00am) and Sunday School (8:55am), we have a variety of groups meeting at times throughout the month. Details are listed in the Sunday bulletin.